Choosing a Dialysis Center



Davita and Fresenius, are probably the biggest.  But there are other choices.  You probably want to find one close to home, because you will not feel well after treatment.  If you have access to a transport system, or a good friend willing to take you back and forth to dialysis, that would the be the best.   I drove on occasion, but it worked out better when my husband would take me and pick me up.

I was assigned a representative, when I was in the hospital, to coordinate finding me a dialysis center.  She was kinda useless.  I ended up going to a Davita that was about 30 miles from my house, but as it turns our there was a Fresenius about 3 blocks from my house.  If you find one your interested in, you can schedule a time with the center for a visit.

The first day at the center, I received a “welcome package” that included a duffel bag, blanket, small neck pillow and ear buds, plus a few little things with merchandising for Davita.   Most likely you will have access to watch tv, but you can bring a book, magazines or other items to occupy your time for about 4 hours (average time of a treatment session).




It is ironic that something that is a temporary solution, is called….permacath.

But a permacath is inserted in the chest to allow for hemodialysis.  Again it is a temporary solution, until you choose a more permanent option, which would require surgery.

Nobody really explained to me how to take are of the cath.  You have to keep it clean and dry. There is risk of infection and clotting. I was told about Tegaderm film dressing, but found it too late.